Kickstart your .net core projects

Kickstart your custom software development projects by using a ready to use CMS structure. Instead of a CMS with a front & backend UI, RARE consists of a Web API, SDK and CORE Class Library, powered by a SQL database / Cosmos DB expected later. Integrate RARE into your custom software projects, and manage content and media directly from your backend code.

  • Ready to use CMS Class Library, SDK & API
  • Manage Textual content
  • Manage Media Items
  • Manage Files
  • Create Categories, Tags & Types
  • Create Channels & Media Formats

The fundementals of RARE

RARE is a set of NuGet packages which together provide a great content & media management foundation.

  • CORE The core models and datacontext.
  • SDK Code to query the database, insert content, upload media & various content management utils.
  • API Layer to expose the content & media to third parties.


The Core consists over the following entities:


Content Items are objects to store textual content like an blog article or product information. You can store plain text, html, markup or whatever as content, provide meta descriptions, set publish & modification dates, etc.


Media Items are objects that hold information about a stored media file, for example a reference to an image blob that is stored on Azure cloud storage. If you upload a photo from a website or mobile app, you will create a media item record to store information about the uploaded file.


You can order your content and media items into categories and subcategories. For example you can create a Category: 'Games' with a Subcategory: 'Puzzle'


Define types to distinguish different content or media items. Types can be anything, like 'blogpost', 'advertisement', 'product' or anything you can come up with.


Create tags that you can attach to content and media items. Easily filter records based on the assigned tags.


You can predefine media formats. A media item can be linked to a mediaformat. Mediaformats are used to predefine dimensions / resolutions for example social media formats, or your own custom formats.


Define output channels so you can publish content and media for a specific audience.


Extend content or media items with custom fields to store additional data.


Manage files. For example a reference to a file stored in Azure to provide extra file information / properties.


The RARE SDK contains methods and tools to easily get, modify and store entities. There are various 'Manager' classes available, for example: ContentManager, MediaManager, TagManager, etc. We will not show all methods here, just a few examples to get the idea:

[more soon]


The RARE API is basically a (restricted) subset of the methods provided by the SDK to provide content & media to third party applications like mobile apps. It uses the # SDK managers to manage the data.

[more soon]